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Valtteri Bottas remains a single win from catching Kimi Raikkonen and nailing his place in the top forty F1 drivers of all time despite his third on Sunday. A full ten second pit stop guaranteed his unhappy result.  

His battle through 2020 was with US World Champion Phil Hill. Canadian World Champion Jacques Villeneuve is next up the road. 

With nine wins from his 157 starts he is in position 43 on the table.

The Finns

Finland has for years punched well above its weight producing race winners and world champions. Below is how Finnish winners' careers stack up under the Sports Annual microscope. 

16. Mika Hakkinen. 8.050 rpw / 2.608 ppr

Unsurprisingly the highest ranked Finn is Mika Hakkinen.

The leading pack is split in two on this grid. Mika is at the front of the second group. Ahead of Mika is a big gap to Niki Lauda ... who brings up the rear of the first group. Described by Schumacher as his fiercest competitor, the only active drivers ahead of Mika are Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. The remaining current drivers are far off.

"                                               ," Mr Hakkinen said. 

15th.    Niki Lauda ......... 6.840 rpw / 2.608 ppr

16th.    Mika Hakkinen ... 8.050 rpw / 2.608 ppr

17th.    Nelson Piquet ..... 8.869 rpw / 2.495 ppr 

40. Kimi Raikkonen.15.714 rpw / 2.315ppr 

There is a saying about middle aged men and feet of clay. Well here when a driver starts and wins as often as Kimi the feet turn to lead. With 21 wins from 329 starts ... if he won a race it would alter his numbers by a miniscule 0.188 per race. A driver with good wins from 200 starts will find it hard to move far. Kimi is set in stone. His point scoring is way above his station here. He won more place or off win points than anyone in F1 history. When it comes to paying garage wage bills he is one of the best there is. 

39.     Peter Revson ...        15.000 rpw / 2.344 ppr

40.     Kimi Raikkonen ...    15.523 rpw / 2.343 ppr

41.     Jacques Villeneuve    14.818 rpw/ 1.349 ppr 

51. Keke Rosberg. 22.800 rpw / 1.456 ppr

If Mike Tyson were a race car driver he would probably drive like Keke Rosberg. Short by modern standards his career remains probably one of the most intense of Finland's racers. While not the master craftsman his son became ... if there was a "list of the most feared sights in F1 history then Keke Roseberg in your mirrors would have to rank pretty high on it." He leads Ricciardo, Leclerc and Gasly comfortably with none in cars expected to win.

50.     Rene Arnoux ... 21.285 rpw / 1.275 ppr

51.     Keke Rosberg .. 22.800 rpw / 1.456 ppr

52.     Didier Pironi ... 23.333 rpw / 1.485 ppr

93. Heikki Kovalainen. 112 rpw / .500 ppr

Kovalainen's win lets us examine the way Sports Annual's formula penalises single race winners. With each start the tally grows until you reach Jarno Trulli who started 253 Grand Prix for his single win. But a 2nd win halves the win rate. In Kovalainen's case a second win would have pushed him 12 places up the road. A third would have taken him another 10. And so on. Some groups of drivers are tightly packed and big jumps can and do happen.   

92.    Jochen Mass .......... 105 rpw / 0.742 ppr

93.    Heikki Kovalainen ... 112 rpw / 0.500 ppr

94.    Olivier Panis ........... 158 rpw / 0.430 ppr