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Monday December 14

PIC from the Red Bull pool 

Max takes Gilles Villeneuve and Mario Andretti for P27

Max Verstappen took his tenth win from 119 starts to move four places up the grid and take P27 off Mario Andretti. He now splits Andretti and Peter Collins ... who were separated by only two tenths. That part of the grid remains one of the tightest and most congested parts of the table. While the Dutch ace has top ten point scoring his win rate remains his Achilles heel here at Sports Annual.  


ABU DHABI. DEC 13, 2020. 

PIC by Mercedes AMG

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc and Kimi Raikkonen all moved to within a race or two from losing their positions as 2020 came to a close. Hamilton saw Ascari take a couple of hundredths out of his tiny lead for P2 while Bottas improved his position with a good points haul. Mercedes locked out the Constructors and continue to seal their position at the top of the Sports Annual constructors table which will be released as part the Annual #1. 

The ranked driver results ... 


Third at Abu Dhabi. Remains in P2 but Ascari closed the gap slightly to 0.082. Fangio remains a long way up the road. Catching the Maestro is theoretically possible. The gap is almost 1.3 though.

1st.  JM Fangio

2.125 rpw / 5.941 ppr

2nd. Lewis Hamilton

2.800 rpw / 5.327 ppr

3rd. Alberto Ascari

2.461 rpw / 4.906 ppr


Moss is closing fast on Vettel. The gap at the end of 2020 is 0.136 which could see him lose P9 in Australia. His career long battle with Ayrton Senna is almost certainly now lost. It's 9 tenths.

8th. Ayrton Senna

3.926 rpw / 4.024 ppr

9th. Sebastian Vettel

4.849 rpw / 3.980 ppr

10th. Stirling Moss

4.125 rpw / 3.090 ppr 


Max Verstappen's win at Abu Dhabi saw him move from P31 passed Gonzalez, Reutemann, Gilles Villeneuve and Mario Andretti to finish 2020 in P27. His points per race ratio remains stunning but his win rate isn't good enough to get him anywhere near his place winning peers, which includes Lauda and Mansell. 

26. Peter Collins

10.666 rpw / 1.744 ppr

27. Max Verstappen

11.900 rpw / 2.798 ppr

28. Mario Andretti

10.666 rpw / 1.500 ppr


Kimi's position is threatened by Jacques Villeneuve who will push him out of the top 40 by Bahrain 2021 without Kimi taking significant points.  

39. Peter Revson

15.000 rpw / 2.100 ppr

40. Kimi Raikkonen

15.714 rpw / 2.315 ppr

41. Jacques Villeneuve

14.818 rpw / 1.349 ppr


Bottas is one win from Raikkonen and Villeneuve to break into the top 40. His other compatriot Mika Hakkinen is still some distance up the road. With 156 starts under his belt there is ample room for advancement ... but Hakkinen might soon be a tough ask without multiple wins in 2021. 

42. Phil Hill

16.000 rpw / 2.104 ppr

43. Valtteri Bottas

17.333 rpw / 2.698 ppr

44. Piero Taruffi

18.000 rpw / 2.388 ppr


Ricciardo holds station at Abu Dhabi. Leclerc stays in P60 behind Mexico's Pedro Rodriguez but Barrichello will take his position at Melbourne without a win. 

58. Clay Regazzoni

26.400 rpw / 1.643 ppr

59. Daniel Ricciardo

26.857 rpw / 1.489 ppr

60. Pedro Rodriguez

27.500 rpw / 1.327 ppr

61. Charles Leclerc

29.500 rpw / 1.644 ppr

62. Rubens Barrichello

29.363 rpw / 1.554 ppr



He has eight starts before he falls behind Carlos Pace in position 83. 

81. Patrick Tambay

57.000 rpw / 0.921 ppr

82. Pierre Gasly

64.000 rpw / 0.500 ppr

83. Carlos Pace

72.000 rpw / 0.819 ppr


Perez takes a sabbatical from F1 ... finishing in P95.

94. Olivier Panis

158 rpw / 0.430 ppr

95. Sergio Perez 

191 rpw / 0.500 ppr

96. Jean Alesi

201 rpw / 0.1.199 ppr